The latest cryptocurrency news, sentiments, & opinions!

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The latest cryptocurrency news, sentiments, & opinions! Welcome to one of the first cryptocurrency channels on YouTube (est. June 2016).

My name is Omar Bham, & I've been using Bitcoin since 2012, and began mining Ethereum February 2016. Having been through many experiences, I decided to start sharing video blogs here on YouTube, to document the journey. How far things have come, in such little time...

Now, this channel is home to a variety of content, including daily livestreams that feature the latest cryptocurrency opinions, rumors, news, sentiments, interviews & more. I do the work of finding the most important topics of the day, reading many articles, so that you can still get the information you need, without having to do all of the leg-work yourself.

To join our daily live streams, do be sure to hit the bell icon, after subscribing, so you can receive your daily fix of crypto news :D

Much love, and remember to "stay cryptic" ;)

With love, and wishes of freedom, happiness, health, and of course wealth,
Omar Bham AKA Crypt0
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